WordPress Tweaks

I have found myself helping more and more people with their first wordpress sites recently so as I am doing a new site myself right now, I’m just going to note down some of the steps I go through when taking a boxfresh install of wordpress and making into a holiday selling machine!
Hope this helps someone, if you are wordpress ninja let me know anything I have missed!
  1. Delete (“trash!”) the first post “Hello World” which also takes care of the first comment.
  2. Either trash the default about page or add something to replace the default text.
  3. Change permalinks – under the settings menu. – be aware of any requirements that some plugins or datafeeds might have for permalink structure.
  4. Upload and activate your chosen wordpress theme under the appearance menu.
  5. Start installing some of these recommended wordpress plugins.
  6. Look at the privacy menu under “settings”. Decide whether you want to hide your site from search engines until it is ready.
  7. Delete the default links from the links section.
  8. Set-up Askimet to ensure you will get less spam.
  9. Under settings / writing, increase the size of the post box to 15 or more, and oh, while your there add these extra ping services under Update Services :
  • http://www.blogpeople.net/servlet/weblogUpdates
  • http://ping.myblog.jp
  • http://ping.bloggers.jp/rpc/
  • http://bblog.com/ping.php

Hope this helps. I will try and add to the post as I go through the latest site I am working on.

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