Who paid my mortgage this year


As promised when I did the snapshot of a months affiliate earnings by network here is the % breakdown for my sites for the full year 2009.

Non Network – 42% – A whole mix of things ( including some non travel stuff ). Bit of an eye opener it is such a high percentage. The downside with affiliate schemes that are run in house and not via a network is that you have to reach the payment freshold before you can start to cash out, also can mean more messing about with invoices but the upside can be that you earn more when the network isn’t taking a cut!

Commission Junction – 18% – Mostly thanks to TUI Travel Companies but a range of stuff including skyscanner which is small amounts each day but all adds up!.

Affiliate Future – 14% – Mostly thanks to the Sunshine affiliate scheme which is off to a blinder already for 2010.

Euroads – 11% – Mostly thanks to Cimber Sterling. This will probably be less important next year as they have cut their UK capacity a lot.

Affiliate Window – 6% – Diverse earnings. Nothing stands out.

Tradedoubler – 6% – Mostly thanks to First Choice which is now at CJ.

Adsense – 2% – Don’t do much of this as have tested versus earnings via affiliate schemes.

Amazon – 1% – Don’t do much of this but I wish travel sites could convert like this one !


  1. Congrats on the success.

    Would be very interesting to know what you do in terms of promotion. Do you tend to focus on a country, region, resort or are you uber-niche?

    Surprised travel guides sales via Amazon aren’t better :-D

  2. Hi David – Happy New Year,

    Actually a mix of “sub resorts” (ie Alcudia is a sub resort of the main resort of Mallorca), and main destinations.

    One group is not more or less successful than the other as it’s mostly long tail searches that are converting anyway. I have also tried to vary in terms of seasonality – e.g. Lapland saved December for me this year while this Jan it’s been the summer only resorts in Greece and Turkey that are doing the business so far.

    The one area I struggle with is city destinations – it’s beach destinations that convert for me.

    • Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the insight – its an interesting read.

      I wondered are you mainly a direct ppc affiliate or seo or a mix? Having read your blog I assume its a mix although you dont mention your own seo much?



      • Hi Russ,
        Thanks for the comment. Traffic source is mostly SEO.
        While I do run some PPC campaigns (and doing so helped me value SEO more by getting me to focus more on converting keywords) I find in terms of ROI (time), SEO wins because of the long term benefits. I find setting up, reviewing and optimising a good PPC campaign takes a lot of time if you do it right. Travel PPC is hard in the sense you have all sorts of seasonality in the bookings so for example a successful campaign from June could turn into a loss maker if replicated in December.

  3. Thanks Rob,

    I plan to spend some time this year setting up http://www.kefalonia.co.uk properly – its seo’d but needs much more work.

    Its a slightly different place to make money from as the main focus is private villas so i’ll have to accept some private advertising which is something i’ve never done before. Other than that its TUI mainly.

    I’ve looked at trying travel ppc a few times mainly on the alpharooms program – have never dipped into it though although I may try as a learning experience.

    The other one im looking at is barcelona (as i have a barcelona hotel domain) although you say you struggle with citys – any idea what the problem is?



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