Which Affiliate Networks Pay My Mortgage?

As I am sometimes asked which of UK affiliate networks are best I thought this might be interesting for some people. Just a snapshot but here are my confirmed earnings from my websites for the month of September by source.  I will try and do another at the end of 2009.

Affiliate Window – 27%

Affiliate Future – 24%

CJ – 19%

Non Network -12%

Euroads – 6%

Tradedoubler – 4%

Amazon – 4%

Buy.At -2%

Adsense – 1%

Other – 1%


  1. I was about to write “this is a really interesting post, thanks for sharing” but that’s what all the spammers write on my blog ! :-)
    However this really is interesting and you deserve credit for transparency. I am a little curious as to why sunshine doesn’t feature on your list as I think I remember you mentioning it in a previous post.

  2. Hi Neil,

    What would be more interesting to know is ACTUAL amounts or rough amounts – now that would be transparency to a new level!

    No seriously, could you help me with my dilemma; I’m trying to find out, whether it would be financially viable for me to start a travel business that is affiliate dependant as it’s primary revenue source.


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