What’s your domain / site ratio ?

I think many affiliates will recognise this . . . It’s a lot easier to think of an idea and buy a domain than it is to get your head down and develop a website (mostly due to the need for relevant, enticing and original content). Near the start of the year I decided to put a self imposed ban on new domain purchases until I had “completed” some more sites. I’m not saying I completely obeyed the ban but I was a lot more conscious of the need to get some more sites live.

Thanks in part to a few white labels, as of the beginning of the week I  got my domain / site ratio down to 82%, something that I was well pleased with. Some of the sites are not quite finished and I’m still tinkering with them but I’m counting them as developed when they have got a site and content on.

And so today I have pushed my ratio way back down by buying a portfolio of 18 new travel domains (via eBay). Looks like I will be busy in August !

What’s your ratio? Have you got a domain name buying habit?


  1. I think alot of affiliates fall into this trap at one stage or another.
    Its too easy to get tempted when you spot a ‘potentially good domain.’
    One thing is for sure. There are never enough hours in the day when your an affiliate.
    I put a brake on buying domains for myself a while ago, simply because there was no way I could develop them all. (what a waste of money this can be)
    I’m not exactly sure what my exact ratio is though, but I know its not as good as yours.

  2. I’m like an addict, I got myself off the domain buying high, for a while….unfortunately, then after trying to get more of an idea of where I stood, I actually looked at everything I had in my portfolio….shortly after I got a little drunk, and ended up with about 5 new domains the morning after…eeeek!!

  3. Hotvoucherman says:

    I take my hat off to you! I can’t say I’ve the will power to stop buying domain names, or to even stop looking for them. At the start of the year I laid out my development plans for the twelve months and therefore ensured I had all the names needed for those plans to come to fruition. So, in theory I shouldn’t have purchased any new domains as after all, I had no spare development time to do anything with them. However, defying any known logic, I bought my twelfth of the year on Sunday.

    But, if you ignore the purchasing aspect, the real kick in the pants comes when, two years later you get the 60 day expiration warning on a domain name that you just didn’t get around to doing anything with. Then you’re in a quandary as whether or not to renew a name that now doesn’t seem as appealing as it did just a few months before!

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