Guide: Web Hosting Tips & Reviews

I’m often asked about who offers the best web hosting, or what’s the best hosting for WordPress. Here’s my run down of the best UK hosts and the hosting companies I use for my websites…

The short answer : This blog is hosted by EZPZ Hosting, I am also happy with the hosting I have at native space & Evo Hosting. All of the latter offer cPanel hosting. I use Heart Internet for domains and like the control panel but don’t currently have any hosting there.

Best Hosting For Affiliates

Because affiliates want their sites to perform well, there is no real difference between what would be the best hosting for an affiliate compared to what would be the best hosting option for any webmaster. If you are a full time affiliate then of course it’s even more important that you get as close as possible to 100% uptime, fast and reliable support and reliable backups and security.

Buying Web Hosting – Tips

  • Time saver – sign up to a host that offers installation scripts such as installatron & fantastico deluxe.
  • Don’t get sucked in by cheap introductory offers – moving hosts is in general a hassle.
  • Keep hosting & domains¬†separate¬†– gives you more control in “last resort” situations.
  • cPanel control panel – not the prettiest but does a great job. Some hosting companies build their own and they are usually lacking in one way or another.

Why Reseller Hosting ?

Many affiliate marketing dudes are domain name kleptomaniacs and end up with a domain collection in double figures or more in no time, the solution for all those domain names (if you want to keep your domain / site ratio respectable) could well be a reseller hosting account.

  • It’s often much cheaper to take a reseller account than a standard hosting account.
  • Each website sits on it’s own account so it’s easier to sell the site.
  • You always have the option to actually start charging for hosting.

UK Hosting For SEO ?

There is often talk that you are best of with UK hosting for UK SEO. I think this is a bit over done but you may find your site loads faster if your site is hosting on a UK data centre so that’s worth something. Also paying in ¬£ you don’t have to worry about exchange rates when it comes to renewal time.

From an SEO point of view, if you are using / domains then you should be fine to host in the US or elsewhere. If your website is on a .com / .net and you are targetting UK customers, you are probably best of with UK hosting, but if you aren’t, it’s not the end of the world. Just make sure your site sends others signals that you are targetting UK users. Here’s a few ideas :

  • A UK postal address published on the site.
  • An entry with your UK location in Google Maps and equivalents.
  • Links from / sites.
  • Entries in UK specific directories.
  • There is an option in Google Webmaster Tools where you can specify Geo-Target.


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