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When employers are getting 200 applications for every vacancy you have got to expect that someone will be doing a quick filter of all the applications they get, so it’s important to make sure you get your keywords in (matched to the profile on the advertisement), so now am I going to apply some SEO techniques to my CV and cover letter.

Then when it comes to interview, I will use some conversion techniques to close the sale and earn the commission.


  1. Did you have any luck with SEOing your CV?

    • Not yet – but having such a good start to July affiliate marketing is my main thing at the moment. Aah, the ups and downs of affiliate marketing !

      How’s you ? any luck with the Tunisia site ?

  2. Fact 1: Around 90% of all applications are “boring”. Not bad,…just not that appealing. Meaning plain CV´s without any distinctive information which differentiate the applicants from eachother. Only those who fits into the required template will get an interview. 10 %,..or even less of the applications have something which catches the eyes. Design, language, tone etc. Something which has nothing to do with the hardcore skills or edu required. My goal is always to be in that catagory, because thats my foot in the door. I might have the skills required, but that´s is not top of mind. The foot,…is

    Fact 2: Companies are stupid. (at least in these times) When getting 80 applications the easiest way of getting relevant applicants is to find those who fits into the exact template. Everybody else will end up in the bin. You have to convince yourself and the company you are in that catagory.
    You need to be aware of two things. Don´t think that a company will put 2 and 2 together and read between the lines. Remember. They are stupid ;-) They other thing you should be aware off: Every company has 6-10 workrelated or personal requirements for the job. You can write here to eternity, but remember, They are stupid. They need the essence. Example. If you apply for a job which which requires coordination skills. Pinpoint how you were a link between two or more departments. What you actually did and don´t be afraid to describe success. Ask yourself: “Why is it, that I will be good at this job ?” and decribe that to the company. I always create checklist in the actual CV of the required skills, and either describe my skills in the motivated application or in short words in the checklist.

    Sandbox: I also think its hard to keep the motivation when getting rejected. But its kinda of a sport writing good applications. Sometimes I am convinced that that the CV I just send has to be the best ever :-) I convinced myself that I fits into the company template. Don´t make it a rutine. Try to change every application just a tiny bit. And take time off,…
    Design. Make it different. You probably tried doing variations of your application. Play around with visual ideas. Use borders and headlines. Use the same font and design throughout the whole application.
    Language: I have noticed that the tone is Sweden and Denmark is quite different when it comes to applying for jobs. DK tend to be more informal and frisky. Don´t be afraid of being a bit informal when you describe yourself. This also adds up when it comes to the 10%

    One major idea: You have gold in your hands when it your websites and the hard work you have done. When applying for a job which requires some kind of webskills, you should use go all the way and create a portfolio website of your work. One which is visual appealing and describes what tecnical skills and thoughts you had when doing t

  3. No luck with the Tunisia site. It gets a few hits but I didnt really work out how to monetise it – not that it would convert with that little amount of traffic. Most people found the site from searching for excursions and I couldnt find any merchants doing them.

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