Travel domains at auction

Spotted a couple of quality geographic domains for sale at auction through sedo.
For both domains the indicated reserve price is £1000 – £4999.
Both are perfect for travel affiliate sites as both are names of resorts that are pretty much 100% tourism. Magaluf obviously has more volume, but Cancun higher selling prices. I would guess that Magaluf holidays are more likely to be booked online than Cancun holidays, also Magaluf gives you a larger scope of suppliers (“merchants”) to work with.
I’m pretty keen on the Cancun domain since I used to work there for Thomson, so maybe I will regret publicising the auction !
Auctions scheduled to end April 23rd at 17:00 time.
How much do you think they will go for ?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Rob,

    Am sure both of those domains will close over £5k

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