Sunshine Affiliate Programme

The Sunshine Holidays affiliate scheme is now available on Paid On Results. ( 90 day cookie, 7% commission on hotels, transfers and airport parking ).

As explained on the Sunshine blog there will be new reporting available which will include making available which specific hotel the customers have booked.

There is a couple of other features from Paid On Results that I am fond of. First is their “daily summary” email which gives you details of new pending / confirmed commissions for that day.

Secondly, they have a “payment on demand” feature – once you have been paid by them twice you move onto their Payment On Request payment model (if you are being paid by BACS) this is a faster payment model allowing you to request payment at any time, for all validated sales made to the date you request payment.


  1. Hi, I am Clarke Duncan one of the Directors at Paid On Results. I am always interested in feedback on what we could do better or ideas you may have that will improve the program or even what the network offers. Please get in touch if their is anything we could do better, I am always hanging out on that Twitter social thing (get to claim it’s work) if you want to fire the odd message over ;-)

    Best Wishes,


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