Raven Tools Review

Take Back Your Time!

You know there’s plenty of money in affiliate performance marketing! You just need a way to speed up all the work that is required! That’s why I have been using RavenTools.com to help keep me on top of both my workplan and the search engines :)

What Does It Do?

The toolset offered by Raven is very broad. It includes everything I need in all stages of setting up a website (research – construction – marketing). It’s a combination of both in-house tools plus clever integrations with data from other leading digital marketing / SEO tools. (See the full feature list here).

Arrow - OrangeRather than me go on about what is included in the tools you can watch the video above, and then below I let you know what’s most useful for me and my websites.

My View

Raven Tools keeps me organised, lets me work with unlimited websites and most importantly saves me a load of time!

Work Faster With Raven Internet Internet Marketing Tools

Below I have listed Raven Tools most useful features (for me), but what is most impressive is the way many of the tools interact with each other. For example you can use the site finder (powered by Majestic SEO) when looking for link prospects and then transfer targets to the link manager with one click. If you have made successful contact with the owner of the site in question you can then add details to the included CRM.

  • Blog Manager – I have a ridiculous number of blogs now, the blog manager enables me to publish posts to any of my blogs from the Raven dashboard.
  • Email Campaigns – I use Mailchimp and Google Analytics, and Raven combines the reporting data from both for even more meaningful insights.
  • iOS App – Access via iPad or iPhone if you are that way inclined.
  • Social Monitor – Set up monitoring for keywords across Twitter, Facebook, Blogs etc. Get it all in one place.
  • Facebook Manager – Not only can you track your accounts, you can also schedule status updates. Again it’s useful to have the combination of Facebook Insights data for your pages plus Google Analytics in one place.

The above is just the tools that I find most useful. There is a lot more besides, including SEO audit tools, rank tracking, AdWords tools and keyword research tools. So whether you are running digital marketing for an ecommerce brand, link building agency side, or running your mini-empire of affiliate websites then Raven Tools is sure to help you stay on top of your game.

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