Improve your PPC campaigns

Here’s a quick video for anyone that wants a few hints on how to improve a PPC campaign.

Mostly common sense but well worth the minute and a half it takes to watch. All the tips can be applied to travel industry affiliate marketing. One extra tip – get a cashback credit card to give yourself an extra 1% margin and help with cashflow.


  1. That’s just explained the content of some of those ebooks I bought years ago – in one and a half minutes for free. All useful tips.

  2. Great tips.

    Addendum to these tips, the campaign should also trigger the user to perform an action. This can be achieved by words like “BUY 8 Mega Pixel Cam” (instead of “8 Mega Pixel Cam For Sale”), “BOOK Deluxe Room” (instead of “Deluxe Room Available”), “FLY to Denmark” (instead of “Denmark Tourist Spots”).

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