Obligatory wordpress plugins post

Here are the wordpress plugins I use most. Let me know which plugins you use, what am I missing out on ? !

HeadSpace 2 – Have also used All In One SEO and Platinum SEO and it took me a while to work out which was best but in the HeadSpace inched it.

Robots Meta – Easily instruct search engines which parts of your site to nofollow / noindex.

SEO slugs – Optimises your URL slugs (e.g. http://yoursite.co.uk/your-slug-is-this-bit ) and removes words which are ignored by search engines such as is.

WordPress CSV datafeed import plugin – Looked around for ages for a good one of these. Costs £25 but well worth it if you want to populate an affiliate site with lots of content fast. Easy to use with demos and tutorials and easy to customise posts but what I like best is you can schedule posts. Also works for XML or RSS.

Broken link checker – Helps my users and is good for SEO by identifying broken links within my sites. From the dashboard you can unlink or edit the link to something that will work.

Easy Contact – Quite many affiliate websites don’t have a contact form. One of my sites was recently quoted in The Times thanks to having a contact form. This plugin uses a short code to place the contact form and can be configured to block spam and to go any email address you want.

XML sitemaps – Automatically builds a search engine friendly sitemap and updates it when content is added.

Sunpress – Easily add hotel / apartment content to travel websites (beach destinations only), the plugin also comes with a search box widget which uses xml to display search results on your site.

Feed Reading Blogroll – I liked the blogger blogroll because it ranks the blogs in your blogosphere by most recent post. This plugin can do that and a whole lot else.

Shockingly simple favicon – I love favicons. This plugin is simple – upload the favicon then tell it where it’s located and your favicon will be displayed.

Subscribe to comments – Helps build a discussion by keeping people informed of new comments.

Pretty link – The best link masking plugin I have found. Includes tracking and option to nofollow link.

Askimet – Stops spam. Fast. Love the germs you hate. That sort of thing. Since I have quite a few sites one setting I configure is to automatically discard spam after XX days.

WP Super cache – Speeds up the site loading.

YARPP – Yet another related posts plugin. This one is very good. Configurable and impressive matching of related posts. See below ?!

RSS footer – To try and stop the dreaded scrapers, lets you add a link & anchor text of your choice to the output of the RSS.

Redirection – Enables you to create 301 redirects for pages / posts when the URL has changed. Also useful is someone accidentally publishes your URL with a slight mistake in the URL slug and you can’t get them to change it. Comes with 404 tracking so you can see problems and take action.


  1. Great list of plugins there.

    I would only add the following to it:

    *WP-DBManager – this is great for automatically backing up all your WordPress content (stored in your database).

    *WP Greet Box – this is great for getting visitors to your blog to digg you if they arrived from Digg etc.

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