New Job Rob, New Blog Rob

My New Job

After what turned out to be around a year as a full time affiliate, at the turn of the year I had a nice offer to be part of something bigger and joined an e-Commerce outsourcing company called “Boozt”. Boozt designs and operates etail websites for fashion brands. The services on offer also include the warehousing and fulfilment of the goods. We work like a super ultra affiliate and get a cut of the revenue generated.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

I’m not hanging up my affiliate marketing mouse and laptop though, Oh no. I hope to be able to use the cushion of a steady income to outsource some of the boring bits?!, perhaps acquire some memorable domain names and do a bit more experimenting with my existing sites. One thing I do have to work on now I have less time though is to get over my twin addictions of stats checking and domain name buying.

My New Blog (Theme)

Unless you are reading from the RSS (hmm, hope that is still OK?!), or viewing the mobile version, you have probably noticed that I have given the affiliate4travel site a makeover. After I spotted those 2 nice wordpress travel themes from woo the other day I bought them. Since they do three for the price of one I also bought a more “corporate” theme called delegate which is what you are seeing now. I am really impressed with the custom woo back end and options. Makes using WordPress even easier. Please let me know what you think of the new design and if you can spot anything that sucks.


  1. Congrats on the new job :-)

  2. Good luck with the new job Rob … why did you decide it was a better option than your AM full time path?

    (RSS works fine.)

  3. Hi David / Matt,

    All sorts of reasons why I plumped for the steady income rather than full time AM. It was a great opportunity to join a fast growing eCommerce company. Other stuff too such as buying a house in the summer so this makes the mortgage easier.

    Good Luck With Your Endeavours,


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