My Blogs are getting spammed by travel companies

Below are four sites that have been spamming my travel websites recently. I expect the holiday companies concerned don’t know about this directly but have hired an SEO agency to do this “work”. The comments left have all been vaguely on topic but not directly related to my original posts so I suspect this in automated process they have set up. On many of my sites I have now disabled comments which is a shame as it is a good way to get direct feedback from real customers but I just found it was too much work to moderate and the percentage of spam was high.

1) – ¬†On page 1 of Google for the term they have in the anchor text in the links they are leaving in the blog comment so maybe this sh*t does work… Also what’s with the link to a poker site in the footer ?. I reckon they could improve their SEO by getting rid of that !

2) – Have only made it to page two for the term “Cheap holidays to Turkey” that they were spamming me with but are on page one for “Cheap holidays to Greece” which is another one they have been trying to get their links down for.

3) – Connected to the Florida website and also features the same poker site in the footer. Again this site ranks for the Tenerife Holiday term they have been spamming my sites with.

4) – Bit of a strange one here, the link they have been trying to get down is cheapaccommodationsinturkey (yes, all one word). It hasn’t worked particularly well for them but if you do search Google for it you can see all the places they have managed to get their comment and link published.

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