Is there anything more annoying than having to change links ?

I can’t think of anything much more annoying as a publisher than having to change existing affiliate links because a company decides to change network. If you have done a lot of deep linking and have a lot of sites it can be quite a lot of work to change the links and unfortunately it doesn’t create any incremental revenue for you.

So I can’t share the enthusiasm from who are “very happy to announce that the affiliate programme is now exclusive on the TradeDoubler network.”

Closing date on CJ is September 2010.


  1. Don’t use network formatted URLs. Don’t even start digging that hole..

    Use a redirection script and the raw merchant URL coupled with the network’s deeplink syntax, it’s the only way. To change network simply replace the network deeplink part of the script, (it only needs to be defined once in the code).

    Since every outbound click now goes through your own code this also gives you the option of recording them to your own database, and adding in tracking IDs to the links as well, which the network will then report back to you if a commission is earned. That way you know specifically which clicks earn a fee and which don’t. You can even then tie that up to visit logs so you know which visitors clicked out and earned (and how they found your site in the first place).

    With this mechanism Thomas Cook’s move from CJ to TradeDoubler took us about 30 seconds to implement.

    Squawk if you’re not sure what I mean here, but working for an e-commerce set up I am sure you do, and have a handy collection of programmer buddies to help with the implementation too.

    (Hey I do love the “happy talk” they put in the press releases and announcements …. yawn it’s so tiresome.)

  2. Ben Jackson says:

    The sletoH hotel program is designed to help affiliates avoid this administration burden…

    Affiliates link to and sletoH creates the merchant links. When a merchant moves network sletoH changes the network setting for that merchant and URLs continue to work. If a merchant goes bust sletoH turns that merchant off. Affiliates don’t have to do anything – no link modifications, no adminstration burden. More info here:

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