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One of the great things about Blogger is that it’s hosted for free, but there comes a time in most affiliates lives when they need to branch out into “real” websites or use the power / potential of the blog CMS hybrid that is WordPress. Finding suitable hosting for WordPress was a nightmare. There are plenty of offers out there it’s just weeding through them to get something reliable and usable.

I spent months looking. Ironically the fact that most web hosting companies have affiliate links makes it harder to find impartial advice, on top of that everyone has different requirements.

I have ended up with EZPZ hosting from the UK * and have been very happy with all aspects so far. Only about two months in but I have been quite busy with multiple sites and used the backups a few times thanks to some experimenting that went wrong. Very fast response on the support, not just a reply but a resolution.

Later on I will tell you about how I ended up with them and the other wordpress hosting providers I looked at (and even signed up with / cancelled one of them).

* Yes it’s an affiliate link but doesn’t cost anyone who signs up any extra. I would have posted this regardless though as I have been so happy ( relieved ) with EZPZ. “Normal” link is


  1. I’m with EZPZ too, but I’m new to WordPress and I don’t know how to connect the hosting to the blog. Any advice?

  2. Fantastico now replaced with Installatron – basically the same thing – an install wizard.

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