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How to research keywords from

Useful for helping you decide what domain to register.

This is something you really should do when looking for domain names to register and also to give you the best chance of search engine success to decide what titles to give the web pages / blog articles you publish. It is also interesting to have a look at all the related words to what you have put in. To give you an example, I was researching cruise keywords recently because I think there is a lot of online growth in that sector still to come and noticed that as well as terms such as “cruise ships”, “cruise deals” that I was expecting there was also “cruising for guys”, “gay cruise” that hadn’t occured to me.

This tool is free and simple to use :

1) Go to

2) On the front page you can choose to tailor results to your country.

3) Whack in the keyword or phrase in the box as well as the word verification box and press get keyword ideas.

4) What you will see is the number of searches for the last full month and the average monthly number of searches from the rolling 12 month period.

I hope this was useful, please leave a comment if you have any tips or questions.

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