Google Domain Parking

You can tell how often I look at my AdSense account

Apparently this came out in December but I have just noticed that it seems like Google is cutting out the middle man and has launched a domain parking service as part of their AdSense suite of services which enable website publishers to make money from having relevant ads on their website / in their feeds. If you don’t know what I mean, I currently have one small AdSense advert on this site, all the way at the bottom, right hand side under the blogroll. In all honesty it’s just there in case Google gives me a better showing in the search results if they think my visitors may click an ad and add to their bank balance.

Now, I’m sure there will be people saying that big G is already too powerful and this domain parking is just a ploy to filter out all the parked domains from their search results. I’m not so sure about that but it is something to consider. Aside from that another concern is that payouts may not actually be higher than say with sedo parking because I’m guessing that Google operate some sort of tiered performance payout like many affiliate schemes do so sedo can probably negotiate a high margin or anyway move to yahoo.

Possible advantages of domain parking at Google.

– Payout should be higher. At least in theory.

– Keeps things simpler if you already have an adsense account, you don’t need another one at a domain parking company.

– Don’t have to list your domain for sale (as you do at sedo).

Possible drawbacks of domain parking at Google

– No way to sell the domain with this method.

– For me and my 1and1 domains – the DNS settings on 1and1 are limited to 30 characters which is too short for Google so you have to first register with another DNS service.

I think it’s better to develop sites than park them, even if that means one page of your own content relevant to the keywords in the domain / the subject area you are wanting to market later on but this is an interesting development and will hopefully push companies like sedo to innovate with their exisiting domain parking service.

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