Discount on StudioPress Themes

A lot of affiliates are keen on using wordpress for making their websites – it’s set up very nicely for SEO, your content gets indexed fast and thoroughly and the platform is constantly moving forward with upgrades to the core software as well as endless customisations in the form of wordpress plugins and wordpress themes. A lot of affiliates that use wordpress also are big fans of studiopress themes – they look very professional and again, thanks to some work by Joost de Valk who recently joined the studiopress team, they have been optimised for SEO.

This is really a post to let you know about an opportunity to do two things at once – 1.) support the fight against breast cancer by giving a donation to wordpress designer, Brian Gardner’s fund raising effort in which he is walking 60 miles. and 2.) Get a studiopress theme or thirteen!. ($50 donation = 1 theme of your choice, $150 gets you all of them and both offers include forum support).


  1. Additional advantage of the StudioPress themes are the purity of the source code (PHP).
    I use it on several sites, and found it very easy and efficient for making small changes (ones that last during upgrades!)

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