Custom blogger domain using 1and1

Setting up 1and1 domain with blogger & blogpsot
Most of my domains are with 1and1 so this “how to” guide relates to my experience with them.
I wrote this tutorial while changing to . This will be easier for people to type in / remember, I am also hoping this will look more professional, get a better search engine rank and better help me target a UK audience.
The great thing is that blogger still host the blog for free, so that’s one less thing to worry about.
Step by Step
1) Get your domain name. If you haven’t already, you will need to open an account at 1&1.
2) Login to the 1&1 control panel at
3) Under the packages tab, click on the package where your domain is then select manage domains

4) You will be in a screen called Domain Overview . Check the tickbox next to the domain name you want to set up to be your custom blogger domain, then click DNS and select Edit DNS Settings

5) Under domain data select CNAME. Then put “” in the Alias box and click to accept the I am aware… box. Press save and you should get a confirmation that
Your DNS-Settings have been saved, your domain will be updated accordingly

6) Now you’re back at the Domain Overview screen, check the tickbox next to your domain name again, click destination from the horizontal menu then select edit destination from the dropdown.

7) Select Destination Type = select Forward Your Domain
Forwarding Destination = your domain name, so e.g. I put
Forwarding Type = HTTP redirect
Press OK, you should get a success message and then press to go to overview.

8) Choose New from the horizontal menu then select Create subdomain from the dropdown. You come to a screen called New Subdomain. In the box just put www (not www.) and select the domain you are dealing with, then press create.

9) You should be back at the Overview screen and you should be able to see the new subdomain and the status is probably “Applying”. Go and make a cup of tea.

Next it’s over to blogger, but it’s best to wait until you see the status of the subdomain in the 1&1 control panel change to “Ready”. This can take a couple of hours.

How to setup a blogger blog with your own domain name

1) Log in to your blogger dashboard.

2) Choose the blog you want the custom domain to be used on.

3) Click on Settings

4) Click on Publishing, click to switch to custom domain and then switch to advanced settings under the bit where they offer to sell you a domain.

5) Put your domain name in the box, so in my example I enter “”

6) Complete the word verification box and then “save settings”.

7) Try out your new custome domain blog.

Any problems with this post a comment and I will try and help you out.
More detailed info on the blogger process is here


  1. Blogger no longer allow ‘naked’ domain names like my 1and1 domain still works as I redirect to www address. But all previous posts (10,000) have now lost their link – I can’t understand why.

    20th July 2009

  2. Hi , i have a domain from 1and, i have set up the sub domain with ‘www’ and also gave the CNAME as mentioned above, now i am not sure what should be done with the naked domain, main domain. I forwarded my main domain to Should i change the DNS settings of the main domain? When i checked the blogger help page, it mentions to create 4 A record, whereas 1and1 control panel allows to create only one A record.
    I am able to access my domain through, but not when i type
    Can you please let me know the exact setting that has to be done with the naked domain. Thank you

    • Looks OK to me so I’m guessing you fixed it?. Maybe it was just a case of waiting for the new settings to propagate.

      • well, he didn’t really solve the problem. his domain is forwarded to www, as you said at point 7. the issue is that any post is available using www, but the same post without www will point to the home page.
        i’m still working on the issue.

  3. Hi – I was so glad to find your instructions, but I am not having success. I have followed your steps precisely and my blog is not redirecting, so I have to use the instead of my custom domain,

    1&1 has told me that you cannot use a cname and forwarding together (that when you check that box you mentioned above you are acknowledging that you know you cannot forward).

    Any other advice since you originally wrote this? WOuld you mind emailing me? I appreciate it!

  4. One more thing: on your directions, you say this under the forwarding part:

    “Forwarding Destination = your domain name, so e.g. I put

    But the example 1&1 gives is to use http://www. Could that be my problem? I have done it the way you suggested without the www, but their site says to use www.

    Thanks for the help!

  5. Thank you for your instructions. They worked. I think it is also necessary to set CNAME and destination forwarding for the www sub-domain.

  6. Hey, a few weeks ago Blogger added an option : we need to put 2 cnames ! But the problem is that 1and1 only authorize 1 cname, and not 2 !
    Any idea ?
    thanks for help

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