Clicks and Mortar 2009 ?!

Is getting a piece of the high street while it’s cheap ?

Just when I was thinking the UK high street was going to go all boarded up shops / charity shops, I see an interesting Tweet from Lastminute_Com saying that “the good stuff is coming”.

When I look on the Good stuff page at the Lastminute website I see that they might be opening stores in London, Birmingham and Manchester. Pretty strange when other travel industry players are shutting shops as much as they can. At first I thought they might be taking advantage of some low lease rates and opening up showcase / inspiration stores something like the Apple Store. Should the affiliate marketing community be worried, are going to lose the .com ? I don’t think so.

Now I reckon, unlike poor Woolworths, these stores will have a very short lifetime, just a couple of days to get some word of mouth and in your face – touch and feel – brand awareness.

More will be revealed shortly I am sure !


  1. Hello, all will become clear very soon “Good stuff” is new exciting brand campaign and will highlight great range of product for all incomes!

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