Cruise Holiday Affiliate Programmes

Santander's lovely beaches

A mini tidal wave of cruise companies have hit the affiliate industry recently. One of my former employers Thomson Cruises has been live at CJ for … [Read more...]

Voucher Code & Affiliate Problems / Solutions

I recently got a large commission from a holiday booking and when I looked at the referring URL I could see it was thanks to a voucher code post I had … [Read more...]

Why Aren’t More Affiliate Schemes In House?

I appreciate this would be a big project for most companies but there are also some big potential benefits : Take SEO benefit from the affiliate … [Read more...]

Couple of Nice Travel Themes From Woo

Geo Places Wordpress Theme

Just looking at Woo Themes today and noticed they have a couple of really nice wordpress themes for travel sites. 1) City Guide by WooThemes - … [Read more...]

Holiday Lettings Affiliate Incentive

Just wanted to give a mention to the launch incentive for the holiday lettings affiliate scheme that launched today... The following prizes are up … [Read more...]

Holiday Lettings Affiliate Scheme

In further evidence that the holiday home rental by owner market has grown up, the UK's leading holiday home rental website, has … [Read more...]

When Customers Pay More For Using Affiliate Links

Update : This has now been resolved. My personal stance from now on will be to check the businesses that I promote. As part of the process of … [Read more...]

Blue Chip Vacations Affiliate Incentive

I'm in affiliate heaven at the moment... Here's another interesting incentive for travel affiliates to get stuck into. This one is from the Blue Chip … [Read more...]

Jet2 Affiliate Incentive

Nice Opportunity here from the Jet2 affiliate scheme at Affiliate Future..... are pleased to announce the launch of their fantastic … [Read more...]

Affiliate Incentive from DFDS

Nice incentive here from DFDS Seaways. There are eleven prizes up for grabs for affiliates that generate sales and / or add content for DFDS … [Read more...]