Another way to advertise your business

Reach over 1million Twitter users

Just came across a new way for companies to go viral.
Be-a-magpie is a German company that displays relevant ads on people’s twitter stream based on a keyword bidding system like
Google’s adwords.

It’s certainly fast growing. On 18th November their reach was 400’000 people, now they are claiming over 1 million. For the twitterers doing the advertising they have got a nice website and it’s easy to sign up. You get paid by paypal which is pretty convenient.

My main concerns with this business are

  • People don’t in general twitter to have advertising sent to them, so the risk of being seen as a spammer is very real. It will depend on how good be-a-magpie is at matching relevant ads. (they do let you pre-approve all ads and adjust the frequency of the ads). I just saw this on my twitter feed from someone using to market travel deals :

Twitter marketing really sucks! 4 months, 1,000 followers and $0 in sales. Do I feel lucky?’

  • They are not affiliated to twitter so presumably twitter could act to shut the process down if they wanted. When I thought about it Twitter are probably quite happy for this to happen for now. Firstly they get to test if it’s possible to monetise their business but get the test done by a third party in case it all goes Pete Tong, secondly if the scheme did happen to work Twitter users using the scheme would probably be more active.

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