2009 Travel Industry Predictions Roundup

A round up of crytal ball gazing on what 2009 will bring for travel and tourism

Feel free to use the comments section to make more predictions for the travel industry in 2009.


  • shorter holiday durations
  • shift to more competitively priced hotels
  • destinations to do well – UK, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Czech Rep, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa

John McEwan, Advantage Travel

  • Financial security, sound advice, great service and competitive pricing are high on customers agenda but people will still want to travel.

Simon Hargreaves, MD TTA

  • It will be more important than ever to decide which part of the market to concentrate on and which part of the market to expect problems in.
  • Cruise will continue to grow – but more slowly than in recent times. It is hard to cut capacity in the cruise sector.

Chris Brown who works at sunshine.co.uk

  • sunshine.co.uk will become the largest, purely online travel agent selling cheap holidays to the masses.
  • Despite the state of the economy people will still go on holiday, however they will spend less, resulting in good volumes but lower turnover when based on, year on year sales.
  • Non web based travel companies will launched websites in a bid to widen their reach and web savvy companies will spend more time and money investing in Search Engine Optimisation and online bookable websites and they will spend less on PPC.
  • Agents will look at widening their product range selling more ancillaries and destinations they wouldn’t normally deal with.
  • A swathe of travel agents not willing to adapt to the changing market will close. This includes high street agents who still think the Internet is a fad! Yes they do exist.
  • Ryanair to go bust – well we can hope can’t we!

10 predictions from nileguide blog includes

  • mobile goes major “2009 will see new travel planning tools, GPS-based proximity searching, and traveler ratings, reviews and photos finally reach their potential on mobile devices”
  • Personalization = Empowerment. “2009 will be the year that one or more travel sites breaks through to empower consumers to find recommendations that are right for then, quickly and easily. Consumers will be turning the knobs and dials themselves, with a better end result.”

27 industry experts forecast the future in an in depth article for travolution. Includes :

  • Graham Donoghue “Customers will be more promiscuous. Whereas they may have looked at four websites before making a decision on their holiday in 2008, they will be looking at probably at least eight in 2009.”
  • Matt Cheevers “All Inclusive market – this area of the market will continue to flourish as consumers seek better insight into the total cost of their holiday.”
  • Alan Josephs “Google algorithms change dramatically to better incorporate relevant content, driving Travolution headlines and causing a big disruption to (and opportunity for) the online industry.”
  • Richard Carrick “Every travel cloud has a silver lining for someone – this time it will be UK holidays (I hope)”

Travel affiliate blog thinks there will be strong growth in affiliate schemes, lots of new faces and some good content being generated.


  1. A recent survey of Co-operative Travel customers who booked a holiday in January 08 revealed:

    •Only 7% will give up their summer holidays this year, despite the credit crunch

    •However 89% had not finalised their 2009 holiday plans yet. Due to the current economic climate, it is difficult for customers to plan holidays in the short term

    •Many did not plan to book in January again this year, 57% of respondents expected to book later, between March and June instead

  2. Hi Claire,

    Thanks for commenting and this useful info.

    I looked at a survey on a consumer website which had 8300 votes on the question “which would you cut first, Christmas or summer holiday”? 44% chose Christmas, 41% chose the holiday. (other votes were “don’t do Xmas/summer hols anyway)

    Seems people still want a summer holidy abroad and will cut back on other things first (city breaks?). Expect people to shop around more than ever !


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